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Uganda Budget Safaris

A budget safari in Uganda aids travellers make lasting memories without emptying their bank accounts and spending more than what was planned for. Tourists should take their time while designing their itineraries so that they get an awesome and rewarding time but not at draining heavy price. The following are some of the activities that tourists can consider if they want to have an exhilarating budget safari that is worth of praise.

Historically the pearl of Africa is not a name that was born out of any form of misconception because the undisputed nature in this country is not only worth of praise but leaves anyone who stands to witness it in total awe appreciating the exhilarating and unforgettable moments that are met with during a typical budget safari in Uganda.

A destination for explorers who wish to sight the origin of magnificent longest river in Africa that feeds all water falls in the country and its neighbors. Unquestionably, half the population of all illustrious and famed endangered mountain gorillas is what any tourists should search for after the undulating hills and thick lush green team up to give a home to these splendid creatures.

With 10 national parks that are eager beavers at rising the hair of tourists due to the unexpected beauty found within, Uganda is among the few countries whose lions are adopting to becoming arboreal and its undoubtedly a to-die for moment incase tourists get to sight these incredible kings of the jungle drooping in tree branches as though they are at peace with all creatures in the park and have quit their habits of poaching on them.

Uganda is such an amazing destination due to its national parks that are constituted all over the country with majority found in thickets and ever green forests offering a variety with some parks also blessed in the semi-arid areas of the north whose experience is quite different and peculiar in many aspects.


Affordable Activities That Can Be Done By Budget Travelers In Uganda

Wildlife Safaris

Uganda as the pearl of Africa has 10 national parks offering tourists with the chance feeling the nature while in the wilderness and exploring a lot of hidden treasures harbored with in. Exciting views of lions, leopards, hyenas, buffaloes, elephants, antelopes, zebras, crocodiles can be glanced while on a game drive in one of the national parks found in the country.

Popular and highly visited parks like Bwindi, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo charge only $40 to foreigners as entrance fees and minor parks like Semuliki, Rwenzori and Mount. Elgon go for $35.

Boat Cruise

A water experience while slouching on the deck of a boat is yet another affordable but exciting safari activity. While tourists enjoy the cool breeze of the white colored waters, they get to sight a lot of water creatures like Nile crocodiles, hippos snorting and opening their mouths widely, kingfishers, African fish eagle, waterbucks among others.

Famous boat cruises happy along the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Victoria, River Nile and Murchison falls national park. Most cruises cost about $30 – $55 per person.


Avid mountain climbers ought to add hiking adventures on their itinerary because besides their affordability, such adventures provide challenging but worthwhile flexing of the muscles while aiming for the summit of any Ugandan mountain.

Sipi falls, Rwenzori mountains, mount. Elgon and Virunga mountains hikes are one of the most exciting treks that hiking die-hards should engage in while on a budget safari in Uganda.

City Tours

Uganda has various cities and towns with differing beauties in which tourists can engage in, not leaving out its capital Kampala city that has a lot to offer from the historical market places like Owino, luxurious hotels, Indian temples, magical architecture that was used to construct both churches and mosques in the country, museums among others.

Other cities like Jinja offer tourists with incredible chances to sight numerous industries, tea, sugar plantations among other adventures that can be embarked on while on a road trip.

Cultural Tours

Uganda is rich with various cultures that constitute the country and all engage in related but unique cultural practices that can overwhelm travelers with joy and excitement. The commonly experienced is Buganda culture since they are concentrated in the central with some of their historical sites that attract numerous tourists like Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s palace, Uganda museum, Masengere, Ndere cultural center among others.

Dances are definitely part of culture in Uganda with the famous one being Imbalu dance of the Bagisu and other cultural experiences that tourists can engage in including folktales, languages, food delicacies, dress cord among others.

Book Budget Hotels

Travelers should book quite early so that they are able to obtain hotels that will not overwhelm them financially on their safari. Hotel rates keep on varying depending on their location, seasons and the national park in which a given lodge is instituted.

For Murchison falls national park; Ziwa Rhino lodge, Parkside safari lodge, Red chili rest camp, Budongo Eco Lodge are some of the affordable but deserving lodges that visitors can trust their accommodation with.

In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Pumba safari Cottages, Simba safari camp, Tembo safari lodge and Mweya hostel and cottages are some of the budget hotels that offer memorable but affordable and worthwhile experiences.

Uganda is worth sparing time for, in order to embark on exciting and thrilling budget safaris depending on the visitors’ tastes and preferences. Uganda is a capital of incredible nature ranging from common species like antelopes and big 5 to the most endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and golden monkeys.