DR Congo: The Land of Natural Wonders and Cultural Richness

DR Congo is a must-visit destination since it has a lot to explore and these are both man-made and natural attractions. This country is among the biggest in Africa and its neighbours Republic of Congo to the west, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi to the east, to the north by the Central African Republic, North East borders South Sudan, to the south-west there is Angola. This country is known for its long-term wars but due to tourism development, there has been peace and security established in the country.

This country was formerly known are Zaire before it split from Congo Brazzaville to for Democratic Republic of Congo or Congo Kishansa. A DR Congo safari will take you to uncovered destinations where you get to see different sights and sounds. There is a lot to explore while in this beautiful country and among others are the gorillas which are mountain gorillas and the eastern Low land gorillas found in Virunga national park Kahuzi-Biega national park respectively.

The most interesting adventure takes place in Virunga national park located in the Virunga mountains. This amazing destination was established in 1925 to protect the endangered mountain gorillas. This park is located in the eastern part of the country in the Albertine rift valleys in the Semuliki River. There is a lot to see and do while in this park church as gorilla trekking since it homes 9 habituated gorilla families that are open to tourists to visit. Each family is headed by a silverback which will be seen practicing its leadership skills like protecting the group, mating all female gorillas and many more others.

The gorilla trekking experience takes place in the morning hours and it's only one shift. Each gorilla family is visited or trekked by only 8 visitors and they are allowed to spend an hour in their presence as you record memories on your Camera. Interestingly, the behaviors of these beautiful gentle giants.

There is also hiking Nyirangongo mountain the most active volcanic mountain in Africa and the whole world at large. This offers a view of the boiling lava lake on the summit. The overall experience takes 2 days but is rememberable. Also, you have a high chance of meeting gorillas since the same trail is used during gorilla trekking.

Another experience in this park is bird watching since it hots over 700 bird species and among others are Madagascar bee-eater, Grey-throated Barbet, Double-toothed Barbet, Yellow-billed Barbet, Rwenzori turaco, Black bishop, Rwenzori batis. Birdwatch is always carried out early in the morning and late evening. This is because the bids are more active during this time. There are nature walks in the forested areas where you encounter beautiful landscapes, bird species, small primates and other forest inhabitants.

Another great destination is the Kahuzi-Biega national park which is located west of Bukavu town and known to host the largest primates on earth which are the low land gorillas. Other animals in the park are the chimpanzees, horseshoe bats, civets, red colobus monkeys, olive baboons, Alexander's bush squirrels, forest elephants and much more. The park gets its name from the two mountains located within the premises of the park and these are Mt Kahuzi and Mt Biega which are volcanic mountains. This park was established in 1937 and it was upgraded to a forest reserve in 1970. There is a lot to explore while in this park like gorilla trekking, Hiking Mount Kahuzi and Mount Biega, bird watching and guided nature walk.

You can opt to visit Lake Kivu which is one of the African Great Lakes and offers great scenery, a variety of water and beach activities like snorkeling, swimming, relaxing on the shores of the lake, fishing, sunbathing boat cruises won't be missed on your DR Congo safari. One can easily locate this lake since it lies on the border of Rwanda and Dr Congo. For those who love water and photography, this is the best hotspot where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Interestingly, the lake has a great island known as Tchegera island which is the best spot to enjoy like Kivu but is less known. This is a U-shaped Island in Lake Kivu offering leisure experiences and relaxation. While on this island, you can opt to do activities like swimming, paddle boats to discover other islands, bird viewing and many more. There is a great accommodation which is Tchegera tented camp.

There is an option of taking a visit to Goma town where you get to witness the volcanic rocks that were left behind during the Mt Nyirangongo eruption that happened recently in 2021. This magma left different people homeless since it destroyed their homes and some lost their lives including livestock. The tour will be in the form of dark tourism and in case you need to donate some food and clothing, this is the best moment.

 the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage is the only orphanage for gorillas in the world. This homes about 7 gorilla individuals and the centre get its name from the alpha male the silverback Senkwekwe who was killed by poachers in the process of protecting his family. Therefore, the centre is used to protect orphaned gorillas mainly the eastern low land gorillas this means that volunteers are highly welcome and even donation is highly appreciated.

Culture exploration can be another great way to enjoy DR Congo since you will encounter the Congolese culture through music dance and tasting their local dishes. Don't miss to taste the meat, chicken and the Capitaine (bread chicken with peanut source). You will also encounter song artists like Olomide, Koffi, Pepe Kale, Papa Wemba and much more. Enjoy the Lingala dance, dombolos and much more.

Visit Lola ya Bonobos located in Kimwenza sited on 30 acres. This is the best alternative for tourist who enjoys primates and they can't afford to visit national parks but on the other side, it's the best option to take to add on the primates visited in other national parks. These are Bonobo primates and known as chimpanzee pygmies. You can spot about 60 Bonobos in this sanctuary and you can participate in feeding them.

When to visit DR Congo?

Congo can be visited any day of the year but the truth remains that, Congo can be well visited during the dry season that occurs twice a year since DR Congo receives Equatorial rainfall. May to September and January to February is the best time since they are dry seasons. Though the skies are misty hence no clear view. During the rainy seasons of March to April and October to December, the skies are blue with a clear view. Though the roads are impassable since they are inaccessible compared to the dry season. Also, most of the activities are hindered by rains which is not the case during the dry season.

Our expert team will gladly to see your inquiries about this great destination that you can not regret due to the expertise and experience they have. We can also help you to acquire some of the travel documents such as the visa, yellow card and much more. Never worry about where to spend a night while on Your DR Congo safari, our tour consultant team will organize and book accommodation that suits your pockets since they are graded from budget to luxury. Some of the accommodations are Lake Kivu Serena hotel, Mikeno lodge, Kibumba tented camp, hotel LA Vasaile Goma and much more.

As you plan your safari to DR Congo, you need to know what to bring and among others are hiking boots/shoes since you will be penetrating muddy areas, Hiking in search of mountain gorillas in Virunga national park. You also need to carry long-sleeved shirts and trousers to avoid bruises from plants and these should reflect with green environment. Gardgets such as cameras, chargers and extra batteries to enable you to capture great memories.

Raincoat since you can't predict the time of raining even if it's a dry season. Garden gloves to protect your hands from getting injuries since the trails are slippery and you may need to get support from the nearby plants. Reusable drinking water bottle since you need to quench up your thirst due to long distances walked and insect repellent to protect you from insect bites like the mosquitos.

Therefore, Congo safaris will take you to discover the wildlife and culture of this great nation in Africa where you will touch, feel, smell and even taste some of the visited attractions since our tours are always experiential tours. What you need to note is that all the safari to Congo will begin and end in Kigali Rwanda crossing from either Goma or Cyagungu border. Our safari guide drivers are experts and they will ease the process of crossing by taking you to the immigration offices and acquiring the Congo visa. Contact us today to choose among the different Congo safaris and we create memories together.

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