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18 days best of East Africa safari

This an amazing East African safari since it will take you to four East African destinations that are great to explore with the big five animals, big cats, wonders of the world like the wildebeest migrations, waterfalls the mighty endangered mountain gorillas and many more. Spend 7 days in Uganda since there is more to explore, 3 days in Rwanda and the rest of the days will be spent in the savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania. Game drives, boat cruises, Primate watching in form of chimpanzee trekking, gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking won't be missed. Other activities include Hiking, community walks like that in the Isunga community and the Masai community.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1. Arrival in Uganda and head to the hotel

Be welcomed by your Safari guide and transfer to a hotel and this will be the beginning of the day. Our safari expert guide will brief you about this amazing safari including the different destinations that you will visit plus activities that you will take part in.

Day 2. Road trip to Murchison falls National Park, visit Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Begin your second day with breakfast and then transfer to Murchison falls national park this will be about 7 hours drive. Pass through different towns and the roadside markets where you will buy some fruits such as mangoes, passion fruits, pineapples, sugar cane, yellow bananas and many more others. You will visit Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and be in a position to trek the rhinos in Uganda that are in the wild. Rhinos in Uganda can also be found at the Uganda wildlife education centre. Trekking will last for 2 hours and then you will be served lunch. The driver's guide will take you to the booked lodge and this will be the end of the day.

Day 3. Game drive and boat cruise, hike to the top of falls

Begin the day with breakfast and then take a morning game drive where you will spot different wildlife such as the leopards, buffaloes, elephants, lions, jackals, antelopes and much more. this game drive will involve a break in the savannahs at the hippo pool and you can enjoy the fruits you bought the previous day at the roadside Market. In the afternoon, you will enjoy the afternoon boat cruise where you will spot animals like hippos and crocodiles not forgetting the different birds. Each activity will take about 2 to 3 hours but will be of memories since you will be in a position to enjoy the sunset and sunrise moments.

Day 4. Transfer to Kibale National Park and visit the Isunga Cultural Community experience

Head to Kibale National Park known to be the only Park in Uganda with 13 primates. These include the chimpanzees which are our close cousins, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, common pottos and much more. After a wonderful journey, you will head to the Isunga Cultural Community experience where you will get to visit the tea plantations' coffee farms with the experience of processing the powder and then transfer to the booked accommodation.

Day 5. Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Head to the park offices in Kanyanchu tourist centre for briefing and this will be after breakfast at the lodge. You will then head into the forest with a help of the park ranger guide to Begin the search and this can last for almost 3 to 5 hours. This depends on the location of the trekked troop or group of chimps. There is a lot that you will explore while in this great experience and among others including the vegetation, other primates, bird species and much more. Immediately after lunch, you will enjoy a drive through the crater to Queen Elizabeth National Park and check in after an evening game drive where you will spot wildlife such as elephants, buffaloes, jackals and much more.

Day 6. Game drive and boat cruise

Start the day with a morning game drive in the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park and this will last for almost 2 to 3 hours. There is alot to explore such as the elephants, giant forest hog, Topi, waterbucks, buffalos and much more others. Immediately after lunch, you will encounter animals like crocodiles, buffalos and much more. You will enjoy the sunset moments on the Kazinga channel.

Day 7. Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as you pass through the Ishasha sector

Head to Bwindi national Park as you pass through the Ishasha sector where you spot the tree-climbing lions which are so eye-catching. There is a lot of a great view of the tea plantations like that in Fort portal. Enjoy the scenery as you have your picnic lunch and then proceed to the lodge in Bwindi. This amazing Park is known for homing the endangered mountain gorillas which consist of about 450 gorilla individuals. There are different bird species, plants and much more. Arrive and check in at the accommodations site and this will be the end of the day.

Day 8. Gorilla trekking and transfer to volcanoes national park

Head for the gorilla trekking experience which will begin with breakfast at the lodge and then briefing at the meeting point. You will discover the best of gorilla trekking rules and regulations not differing from those of chimpanzees. You will then begin the experience with the guidance of the park ranger guide well informed about the forest inhabitants. You will spend an hour with the gorilla family trekked and this will be of great memory. After the trek, have lunch and transfer to Volcanoes national park in Rwanda another great national park in the Virunga Conservation area. This park host the rare primates which are the mountain gorillas and the Golden monkeys, arrive and check in the accommodations for this night.

Day 9. Golden monkey trekking and Ibyiwachu Cultural Village

Take briefing after breakfast where you will encounter different aspects like the general information about the rare Golden monkeys like the behaviours, movements, gestation period and the rules and regulations that you will follow while in the forest. You will begin the trek by passing through the forests, and then meet these beautiful primates in the bamboo forests. After lunch, find your way to visit the Ibyiwachu Cultural Village which is an association aimed at promoting the Rwandese culture. You will visit the elders for storytelling, be entertained with cultural music and dances and many more others.

Day 10. Hike Dian Fossey's grave

Take a hike to Dian Fossey's graveyard and learn about this great researcher who turned out to be a primate conservationist while in Volcanoes national park. This great woman saved a good number of mountain gorillas from poachers and these would lead them to be extinct. There is a lot to explore as you hike with a great chance of spotting mountain gorillas, bird species, and many more. You will discover about the different achievements Dian made while in this park like beginning habitation experience in East Africa and particularly in this park, starting up a research station called Karisoke research centre between the two mountains Karisimbi and Mt Bisoke.

Day 11. Drive to Kigali and fly to Nairobi

Have a delicious breakfast and then begin the journey to Kigali the capital of Rwanda. 0n arrival, you will head to the airport and fly to Nairobi in Kenya. Meet our tour representative we'll dress in company uniform that will be rife you about the few days which will be spent in Kenya. Transfer to the booked hotel and this will be the end of the day.

Day 12. Transfer to Lake Nakuru National Park

Leave the hotel premises after your breakfast and transfer to Lake Nakuru National Park which is known to host the flamingos that turn the ground reddish pink. The journey takes you through the rift Valley escarpment, rolling hills and farmlands. Have lunch in the park and immediately head for an afternoon game drive where you will spot different wildlife such as the rhinos, African wild dogs, zebras, eland, waterbucks, buffaloes and much more.

Day 13. Game drive and transfer to Masai mara

Begin the day with a morning game drive where you will spot more wildlife and enjoy the sunrise moments. This game drive will last for 2 to 3 hours and then proceed to the mighty Masai mara national reserve you will also enjoy more wildlife including the best moments of wildebeest migration together with zebras. Watch over the Masai people attending to their cows with great stripped attire as a way of cultural dressing. Lunch will be served and then embark on the evening game drive where you will spot Masai giraffes, lions, zebras, leopards, rhinos, buffalos, and many more others. Head to check in the booked accommodation and this will mark the end of the day.

Day 14. Full day in Masai mara

Enjoy the plains of the Mara savannahs as you will take this full-day exploration through a game drive. This will include lunch picnics, wildebeest migration, sunrise and sunset money and much more. The big five animals won't b missed such as the leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos and buffalos, others are the crocodiles, hey as and much more. There is an option of taking a hot hair ballooning safari in the morning where you will have an aerial view of the plains together with wildlife. There is also a community tour of the Masai people where you will encounter the Masai culture through the way of life, music and drama and much more.

Day 15. Masai mara to Serengeti

On this great day, cross the Isebania border and head to Tanzania in Serengeti national park. This park is famous for hosting wildebeest migration, the big five and these plains. Have a picnic lunch enroute and begin with an evening game drive on your arrival which will be in the plains of the park. Be served with dinner at the lodge and overnight will follow.

Day 16. Full day in Serengeti

Spend a full day while enjoying the Serengeti plains taking game drives. This will enables you to explore the beautiful spotting points where to find the big game. Such as the giraffes, buffaloes, lions, leopards, antelopes like the elands, topis, bushbucks and much more. The moments like the millions of wildebeest migration and thousands of zebras. Sunrise sunset moments won't be missed and this will create great photographic moments. Lunch will be served in the bush while watching over the wild animals.

Day 17. Ngorongoro crater tour

Leave Serengeti national park and drive to Ngorongoro craters where you will have another best and most rewarding experience. You will discover different wildlife since this area is known to be a magnificent wildlife arena. Animals such as the hippos, crocodiles, buffalos, baboons, wildebeest, cheetahs, lions, gazelles, hyenas and much more won't be missed. The craters are giving a great view, and history and again hosts. You will head to the booked lodge and this will be the end of the day.

Day 18. Transfer to Arusha and fly home.

Begin the day with a game drive and then transfer to Arusha in Tanzania to board your flight back home this will mark the end of the 18 days beat of East African safari.

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 18 days



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O que está incluído

  • Alojamento (alojamentos, tendas ou parques de campismo)
  • Refeições (café da manhã, almoço e jantar)
  • Taxas de parque e conservação
  • Safaris e caminhadas guiadas
  • Transporte (de e para o aeroporto e entre alojamentos/parques de campismo)
  • Água engarrafada e bebidas não alcoólicas
  • Algumas pousadas/parques de camping também podem incluir serviços de lavanderia e Wi-Fi

O que não está incluído

  • Vôos internacionais
  • Vistos e seguro viagem
  • Bebidas alcoólicas
  • Atividades opcionais (como passeios de balão ou visitas culturais)
  • Gorjetas para guias e funcionários
  • Despesas pessoais (como lembranças ou tratamentos de spa)
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