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3 days Tchegera Island Tour

This island is U shaped and one of its kind ones should not miss visiting while on your Rwanda and DRC safari. It is found on lake Kivu one of Africa's deepest lakes and you will spend your three days taking part in a variety of activities as you relax your minds like swimming in the fresh waters and many more enjoyable and interesting activities that will take part such as fishing, snorkeling, sunbathing and many more others.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Tchegera island from Kigali

You will transfer to Tchegera island after meeting your driver guide who will first of all brief you about your three days Tchegera tours and after you will drive to the Goma border. You will then hire a boat that will transfer you to the island in 30 minutes, as you are transferring to the island you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the landscapes, the fresh waters and many more. You will check in at the lodge for your lunch or dinner depending on your time of arrival.

Day 2: Full day at Tchegera island

Your relaxing day at the island as you take part in some of the island activities will begin early in the morning with breakfast from your lodge and then you will start with either paddle boarding, kayaking or a nature walk in the virgin lands of the island. You can also opt to do canoeing or even birding as the island is having a variety of bird species.

You will enjoy your lunch as you look at lake Kivu and the four volcanoes which are; Mt. Nyirangongo, Karisimbi, Mikeno and Nyamulagira. On a none cloudy day, you can have a chance to look at the reflection of the red skies from the Nyirangongo lava lake. You will also see part of the Democratic Republic of Congo since the island is in Lake Kivu which is shared by both Rwanda and Congo.

The island also homes the rare blue monkeys that most visitors long for and while you are on your nature walk you will have a high chance of looking at them, sometimes they tend to move close to where visitors have camped giving them a greater view. In the evening you will enjoy the sunset on the terraces as you do fishing as well.

Day 3: Travel back to Kigali and fly home

Wake up in the morning to a delicious breakfast, check out from the lodge then board a boat that will transfer you to the Bolengo border where you will find your driver guide who will drive you back to the airport or any agreed point.

Zusammenfassung der Tour

 3 days



 DR Kongo 

Was ist enthalten

  • Unterkunft (Lodges, Zelte oder Campingplätze)
  • Mahlzeiten (Frühstück, Mittag- und Abendessen)
  • Park- und Naturschutzgebühren
  • Geführte Pirschfahrten und Wanderungen
  • Transport (zum und vom Flughafen und zwischen Lodges/Campingplätzen)
  • Mineralwasser und alkoholfreie Getränke
  • Einige Lodges/Campingplätze können auch einen Wäscheservice und Wi-Fi beinhalten

Was ist nicht enthalten

  • Internationale Flüge
  • Visa und Reiseversicherung
  • Alkoholische Getränke
  • Optionale Aktivitäten (wie Heißluftballonfahrten oder kulturelle Besuche)
  • Trinkgelder für Guides und Mitarbeiter
  • Persönliche Ausgaben (z. B. Souvenirs oder Spa-Behandlungen)
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