Travelers definitely love it when a trip is taken down memory lane for them to stumble on their treasured sites and destinations. The park came into existence in 1952 under the National Parks Act of Uganda. Unquestionably the park has stood the test of time because before it was announced a national park, the area transitioned from a game reserve following the fact that the inhabitants of the area were evacuated between 1907 and 1912 after sleeping sickness break out.

Travelers definitely love it when a trip is taken down memory lane for them to stumble on their treasured sites and destinations. The park came into existence in 1952 under the National Parks Act of Uganda. Unquestionably the park has stood the test of time because before it was announced a national park, the area transitioned from a game reserve following the fact that the inhabitants of the area were evacuated between 1907 and 1912 after sleeping sickness break out.

Historical explorers, John Speke and James Grant are the real eager beavers considering that they were first Europeans to visit these cataracts in 1862. Deepest thanks are showed to the exploring two-some Samuel and Florence Baker who named the rapids in 1863 after the then president of Royal Geographical Society, Roderick Murchison.

Unique Murchison waterfalls.

While the Nile flows from its origin in Jinja, it descends in a succession of spectacular and magnificent cataracts throughout the pearl of Africa together with its neighbors and that’s how Murchison falls come into actuality from the shimmering waters of Victoria Nile.

The battle of social Darwinism as water oozes out forcefully through the rocks creates spectacular views sometimes when it shines on them as they appear as rainbow around the rapids before the water nose-dives into a whirl pool continuing to Lake Albert north-westwards.

A safari to the most powerful waterfalls in the world destines a traveler into Uganda to have perplexing views of the Murchison whose rapids have 200 bathtubs full of water forced through a gorge whose outlet is less than seven paces per second. The pressure at which the water flows is too heavy to the extent that the ground trembles and for someone not exposed to this might be of the view that there is a large herd of heavy animals coming their way besides the brimming waters of Murchison.

Top attractions in Murchison Falls National Park.

Murchison Falls.

Rare kind of happiness is what the rapids of Murchison provide to travelers. Definitely this is the top tourist attraction in the park and its fascinating waterfalls that ooze out of a narrow crevice over branches of rocks before resting into a plunge pool. The heavy roar from the falls is interesting and majority of travelers prefer having picnics close to it so that their eyes and ears are fascinated by the running herds-like sound that Murchison falls make while pouring their waters.

Paraa area.

The park is home of hippos and while the indigenous people understood this, they named an area where majority of them are found Paraa, which means “Home of Hippos. Watching these hydrophilic snorts opening their mouths widely before sinking underneath Nile River is an exhilarating sight that can be obtained only in this park.

Karuma falls.

Sport fishing enthusiasts are covered by this great fall found on the northeastern side of Murchison Falls. Travelers also get excitement from the falls of Victoria Nile whose waters burble over rock branches that gives it a whitish-silver color before it finally rests in a plunge pool down stream.

Kaniyo Pabidi forest.

Untouched wilderness is what this verdant lush green forest is known for, making it ideal for endangered species like chimpanzees, butterflies, birds including hornbills, kingfishers among others.

Rabonga forest.

This is just a medley of birds given the fact that some of the endangered birds are sighted in this pristine environment. Nature walks and picnic relaxations in camps are also provided for in this forest.

Budongo forest.

The biodiversity of Budongo is overwhelming with a variety of butterfly species, plants, bird species, mammals and famous chimpanzees.

Buligi game tracks.

Eye catching views from various wildlife alongside golden Savannah grasslands are captivating memories that are witnessed within Buligi sector. Hot air balloons are another experience that Buligi offers involving sighting the Big 4 mammals.

Lake Albert delta.

This iconic delta is a basis on which the Victoria Nile waters forcing through the rocks divide to form the white and blue Niles. Travelers can’t miss out on guided nature walks that meander through the park and reach out to the Baker's point that provides stunning views of River Nile and River Uhuru that is believed to have been given birth to by the burst of River Nile.


Time spent with nature is never lost. Being the largest national park in north western part of the Pearl of Africa, travelers can engage in a lot of activities including the following; -

Game drives.

A national park is rendered legit if its areas can offer visitors an opportunity to watch wilderness in the comfort of their vehicle. All the travelers need is entry permit, well-functioning 4X4 vehicle and binoculars to sight four of the big five animals.

Here you have chance to view the gigantic African elephants trumpet through their trunks, beautiful golden spotted leopards, goal-oriented lions, buffaloes and other wildlife in the park.

A night game drive insinuates a rare kind of happiness, because while some of the animals might be missed during day like big cats, the night provides tourists a chance to be up close with these nocturnal animals.

Roars and snorts of lions and other animals increases the adrenaline of visitors but yet exciting and worth giving a try. Besides watching animals feeding at night, tourists have about two hours to enjoy magnificent views of moonlight as it falls on the meadows of the park.

Chimpanzee tracking.

Murchison falls national park is endowed with verdant mahogany forests surrounded by golden grasslands like Budongo, Rabonga and Kaniyo Pabidi whose pristine environments harbor the chimpanzees. Tourists can chance watching chimps release tree branches as though they are aiming for the sky and grip on another before touching the ground.

Secure a chimpanzee trekking permit in advance, at least 3 months prior to the activity. Forest rangers are always available to make the trek as memorable as possible, both during the morning trek and another held later in the afternoon.

Trekking and nature walks.

A guided visit around the top of Murchison falls is worthwhile adventure that visitors shouldn’t miss while in this park.

Hidden features of Murchison Falls national park can be spotted on different foot explorations using the park’s indescribable trails at Paraa, Rabonga Ecotourism centre which gives panoramic views of different bird species like white tighed hornbill, blue breasted kingfisher, grey headed sunbird and other species like chimpanzees, red tailed monkeys, medicinal plants among others.

Sport fishing.

All the travelers need is personal fishing equipment to catch some mouth-watering fish species like tilapia, cat fish, tiger fish, mud fish and the famous Nile perch. Fresh waters of the magnificent Nile River definitely provide flavorful fish species but the river section above and below the falls offers the best sport fishing spots in the park.

Boat cruises.

Forget about the fascinating road trip made to the park, a boat cruise here offers more exhilarating experience to visitors. Launching from paraa landing site and meandering through various rapids before its destined to halt at the bottom of Murchison falls. Rewardable sights of all the hydrophilic species like hippos, gigantic crocodiles, giant buffaloes, waterbucks, elephants are the dazzling sights that will drive tourists to cloud nine while on their boat trip to the bottom of Murchison falls.

Bird watching.

The enchanting sounds of different species like sparrow weavers, black headed gonolek, silver birds are what different tourists are welcomed with in this wilderness.

It is also fascinating how travelers can engage in birding tours during evening hours to have sightings of nocturnal birds like verreax owl, penant wigged night jars among others.

Best time to visit Murchison falls national park.

Tourists are welcome into the park year in and out given the park’s tropical climate, but the best time to visit would preferably be during dry seasons of December to February and a stretch from June to September because the dry spell make the game tracks passable and easy to navigate.

Getting to the park from Entebbe / Kampala.

Both air and road destine esteemed travelers of the Pearl of Africa into Murchison Falls National Park. Tourists can get to the park in just an hour’s time when they use chartered aircraft or hop on a daily scheduled flight from Kajjansi airfield to either Pakuba, Chobe or Bugungu air strips.

Alternatively, a 6 hours’ drive leads tourists through various towns and cities from Entebbe until Murchison Falls national park via Masindi.


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