Gruppensafaris in Uganda

Any planned, multi-day journey that you pre-book and join a group of other travelers who did the same is inherently group safari. Groups might be as small as a few individuals like 5-10 or as large as a whole coach with over 50 travelers. You can also travel with friends, family or workmates.

When it comes to group tours in Uganda, all you have to do is sit back and relax without having to worry about personal travel arrangements. We are experts in group safari planning.

Advantages of group safaris in Uganda.

Meet new people.

During group tours, you are able to find new people especially those who are part of your group and during the course of the trip, get to interact and form strong bonds which later turn into lifetime friendships. This kind travel is good for people who would like to create relationships and meet new people.

Relax and enjoy.

It might be difficult to travel alone, especially if you are unfamiliar with local language or traditions. Because you can share a lot with your friends while traveling in a group, even a long journey won't be felt, joining a group is the ideal decision.

Additionally, you may simply rest in the rear while on the ride and conduct business on your laptop. The entire trip will be enjoyable.

Learn more about the local culture.

When you travel in a group, you will have an opportunity to learn a lot about locals, including native languages, culture and cuisines. Since you will occasionally engage with them, which may be challenging if you travel alone. Since Ugandans are friendly people, feel free to ask them any questions; they will gladly answer them. If you don't know where to go or where to stay and eat, they will also be able to point you in the right direction.

Have a blast while on a group tour than while on a self-drive or solo safari to one of Uganda's top national parks.

Cut costs.

When you take a safari in a group, you can be sure to save some money because you are able to split costs of the majority of items, such as lodges, meals, guides and other expenses, throughout the entire group. Since one must pay all expenses individually in this situation, group safaris are always discounted, resulting in you saving money you might not have otherwise on a solo trip.

There is space to enjoy your own space.

A solid schedule is essential when you're pressed for time and trying to accomplish a big list of tasks. We are experts at striking the perfect mix between activity participation and downtime. Even though most tours try to pack as many activities as they can, they still have some flexibility for anyone who desire some alone time or extra R&R.

Easier to find a group travel family.

A solution is offered by scheduled group trips if you discover that your team is unable to accompany you. If your intended travel companion is too busy at work to join you, you can turn to a group tour and might find that you both wind up enjoying it more. Many families have the means to travel widely, therefore it is best to join a group of people that share your interests in order to have an unforgettable safari.

Sharing experiences with friends.

A group tour gives you the chance to share your first experiences with your friends; on a safari, this can include seeing a wonder of the world, tasting something new, experiencing a new culture, and achieving your goal; however, if you travel alone, you won't be able to share everything you see or experience with anyone. You spend a nice but lonely day asking random people to take pictures of you in a classic pose and in front of a temple, but having a special moment with loved ones makes your safari memorable.

There is always someone to go exploring with.

The benefit of traveling in a group is that even though you might arrive alone at your destination, you won't be by yourself once you get there. When you travel in a group, you get to experience things with others who think similarly to you, which makes for interesting talks and memorable bonding moments. At the same time, you're expanding the group of friends you hang out with for leisurely exploration. Grab the other art enthusiasts to go with you when some of your group says they truly don't want to visit another museum that day.

The small hindrances are handled.

When you're going somewhere and you don't speak the native language, planning a big trip might be difficult. All of your transfers and excursions, however, are thought out and prepared in advance when a Tour consultant is by your side. Your sole obligation is to sit back and enjoy your trip because we shall help with any problems that arise as a result of traveling in a group.

Not to mention, taking a group safari in Uganda allows you to trust the professionals with your transportation, lodging and certain meals.


Bungee jumping experience.

This involves falling from a high altitude such as a cliff but with protection, you don’t get to land on the base. It is a thrilling experience enjoyed with friends. It is a great way to face your fears of height.


Another interesting activity enjoyed with other people, is getting to swing from one point to another horizontally. Travelers can do this across lake Bunyonyi or Lake Victoria, canopies of Mabira forest and more exciting features.

Boat cruises and game drives.

These are more fun when in groups, the rides are relaxing and informative at the same time.

Gorilla trekking and hiking adventures.

This is mostly done in groups of eight so even if you travel alone, while on this activity you are likely to be placed in a group. Gorilla trekking safari gets even more fun when done in a group.